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    I am the author of the novels Holding Silk, Ashley Hall, Tears of the Willow, and two nonfiction history books, Colonial Inns and Taverns of Bucks County and The Delaware Canal, From Stone Coal Highway to Historic Landmark (The History Press). I wrote the true story titled Joshua’s Ring as told to me by the Wilker family, and I'm proud that one of my blog posts was included in the anthology Feisty after 45.

     In addition to my blog and writing for, I have also ghostwritten and edited published articles and books for clients, and was honored to design several interior book layouts and covers for authors I greatly admire and respect. I enjoy conducting and developing creative writing workshops, motivational presentations, and lectures for local colleges, historical societies, and writing organizations

     In my work as a marketing specialist, I was responsible for the script writing and direction of several video productions for clients, and participated in developing an award-winning television healthcare program which won a Gold Award for “Total Public Relations Program” and the Silver Award in the 2004 Aster Awards. 

       It was an honor for me to serve  as a  photojournalist covering a medical mission to refugee camps in Bosnia-Herzegovina for a humanitarian aid organization.  It changed me.

  As Executive Vice President of Duess Consulting Services, a graphic arts and communications company, I specialize in book cover designs, editing and interior layouts for books, and graphic design and communication projects for nonprofit organizations and other clients..

     And when all is said and done, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my husband, children, and two gorgeous grandsons.


International Women Writers Guild

Women Fiction Writers Association

Liberty States Fiction Writers

Catholic Writers Guild


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May I recommend these books by authors I truly admire (and their covers aren't too shabby either!) 

Is Anybody There? by George DeFrehn

A moving and often hilarious story about one man's journey to sobriety.

Heart Rending - Heart Mending by Marylou Kelly Streznewski

An important book about what renowned poet, educator and author Marylou Streznewski learned after an almost fatal heart attack.